Hold Harmless Waiver


Agreement to hold harmless, waiver or assumption risk

I understand that Attendance of a canine training class is not besides risk to myself, of my guests (family, friends or who may additionally attend), or my dog, because some dogs I meet may be hard to manage that could cause injury.

I hereby waive and release Mission Impawsible Dog Training, L.L.C, its employees and any persons in relation from any and all liability of any nature, or damage I might also suffer, inclusive of specifically, but without limitation, any injury or injury ensuing from the action of any canine might also suffer, which include specifically, but without limitation, attending any training session, or any different function, of Mission Impawsible Dog Training L.L.C, or while on property of the surrounding place thereto.

In consideration of, and as indecent to the acceptance of my application for training by Mission impawsible Dog Training L.L.C, I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Mission Impawsible Dog Training L.L.C, or Its employees, and humans associated with organization from any and all claims, or claims by means of any member of company accompanying me to any training session or any function of Mission Impawsible Dog Training, L.L.C or while on the grounds or the surrounding areas as a result of any action of any dog, such as my own.

For Owner

*If more than one owner attending class please fill another form and attach*

  I understand that checking this box and typing my first name, last name, and date below constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge, that I am 18 or older, and agree to the above Agreement to hold harmless, waiver or assumption risk.

ex. John Smith 07/04/2019