Hold Harmless Waiver


Aggressive or Disruptive Dog Policy

Any dog that exhibits unsafe or disruptive behavior toward other dogs, handlers, or instructors must be immediately brought to the attention. A further evaluation of the dog’s behavior will be performed, and if it is determined that the dog will not benefit from the group class situation or poses a safety problem, the dog will be dismissed from class. If the dog has caused injury to another dog or person they shall be dismissed from class immediately. A partial refund will be given to the handler along with information on contacting a private behaviorist, if available. I understand the above policy and agree with any decision regarding my dog’s aggressive or disruptive behavior.

  I understand that checking this box and typing my first name, last name, and date below constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge, that I am 18 or older, and agree to the above Aggressive or Disruptive Dog Policy.

ex. John Smith 07/04/2019